Western Ring Route, Auckland

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Well Connected Alliance - New Zealand Transport Agency




24,080 x precast concrete segments
2,410 x precast culverts

Waterview Tunnels

The Waterview Connection will deliver the biggest transformation on the way people travel around Auckland since the opening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge in 1959. Half of the motorway is underground, with twin 2.4 kilometre long tunnels carrying three lanes and a service corridor below the road deck. The twin tunnels signals the completion of the western ring route, creating extra motorway capacity, ensuring thousands of vehicles can travel around the city.
Wilson were proud to be a member of the Well Connected Alliance Team, delivering the production of 24,080 precast segments and 2,410 service corridor precast culverts within budget and programme.

Fast facts:
13.1 metres = Ring diameter
11.5 tonne = Segment weight
104,280m3 = Structural concrete
3,500 tonne = Steel fibre
6,000 tonne = Reinforcing